Das Licht des Mondes

Die Straße schwarz,
Die Route weit verzweigt
Und meine Sinne sind vernebelt
Durch andauernde Finsterkeit.

Doch als ich in den Hain,
Aus Blüten und Erblühtem schritt;
Da wars Lunas silbern Schein
Der meinen Weg erhellen tat
Und mir klar in meinem Geiste werden ließ,
Dass ich verirrt gewesen wär,
Im Gehölz des Wunderbarn.

Zum zollen meiner Dankbarkeit,
Wandt ich mein Angesicht
Dem silbernen Trabanten zu,
Doch nur um mir zu zeigen,
Dass er meiner gar verschmäht,
Bedeckt er seine herrlichste Vollkommenheit,
Mit Wolken schwärzer noch als Mitternacht.

Zu schnell erkannte ich sehr wohl,
Dass ohne seine Herrlich- und Unfehlbarkeit,
Mein Wirken, gar mein Leben,
Zu Grunde gerichtet sein.
Drum schrie ich laut und ließ,
meiner schwärzesten Regung den
Gar so verhaßten, freien Lauf.

Bis ich jedoch erkannte,
Dass es nicht seine Wolken warn,
Die mich hinderten zu schauen
In das Antlitz des Mondes,
Vergingen Sekunden wie Jahre
Und Wochen wie Tage.
Als ich dann,
Geleutert und bereit,
Dem Monde ins Gesicht zu schaun,
Da dämmerte der Morgengrauen.

Der Chance vertan,
Den nächtlich Führer gar verschmäht
Erkannt’ ich,
Dass Sonne, Stern oder Lampen
Nicht ähnlich sind,
Wie silbern Mondeslicht

So, thats my first official publishing of this painting. Maybe you’ll understand this, maybe not but I think, the message is clear enough ;) I made it during a little depression triggered by love. 

So, thats my first official publishing of this painting. 
Maybe you’ll understand this, maybe not but I think, the message is clear enough ;) 
I made it during a little depression triggered by love. 

No sleep and a mind full of idea’s

What’s up ? Sleeping today ? I doesn’t look like it and I don’t know why. Usually I’m able to sleep like a baby, but today not. Maybe it’s because this brainshit. There are so many Ideas inside there, that I’m not able to sleep but I want to.
When you think about a very important thing and your mind is always working on it, you aren’t able to fall asleep and when you do it, you know the answer in your dreams, but when you’re awake it’s away. That’s the situation in which I’m living! 
That’s totally bloody crap and I want to know it, because it’s so important for me.
Who cares I’m returning to trying to fall asleep. By the way, sorry for my worse english, but I’m awake since 5 am, so I hope you can understand me.

My first one or: That’s me!


This first little entry is about me, oh wait, I thought this hole blog is about myself. Mhm, yes usually that’s right, BUT in this first text, I’ll talking about Ole the person, his way to tumblr. and a maybe a little bit more. So let’s start! 
My name is Ole, I’m 17 years old and I’m living in Germany ;). I’ll make my high school diploma in one year and yeah. I love music ( but I can’t sing), art and to paint ( that’s really better than my singing ), acting ( recently I have to stop it, because of school) and the Internet. I think there isn’t much more about me, perhaps but I can not remember.
Yeah, why had I choose the English-speaking Internet community ? There are two, or maybe even three, reasons for. The first is, that I want to improve my English. I think that my spoken English is quite good, except of this horrible German/ pseudo American school accent. Now I want the same for my written.
The second reason, which is maybe more important than the first one, is that the German community mostly on YouTube or somewhere else, is quite demanding and aggressive, so I wanted to skip this and thought about a community which is maybe nicer and I hope that I’ve found one.
YouTube - the keyword. Why was I mounting YouTube, when this platform is mostly for bloggers ? Very simple, because I’ve tried to start there. I made maybe 2 videos but quickly I recognized, that I was to shy, to excited for Internet-Videos and so, I stopped it. A bit later I started watching British videos mainly theses from charliescoollike. I think there were some more, but I don’t remember any more. 
I stopped it shortly after beginning and forgot about the british videos. Since a year or maybe less I’m continue watching the videos and I really enjoy channels like beckie0 or again charliescoollike.
Now I want to restart slowly with blogging and getting in contact with other bloggers and YouTubers, hopefully also with one of my favorites or maybe my favorite beckie0 aka Rebecca Brown. I really like her videos and her posts her on Tumblr., but I have to say thank you. Thank you for a thing, a fact that she can’t know and maybe never will, because the Internet is so big and my little entry is nothing in this world wide web, but maybe there is a way, that this text finds his way to her.
I want to say thank you, because of inspiration. I don’t really know how and why, but you manged to show my, that theres also a creative side in my. Because of your videos ( maybe, I really don’t know) I was able to start painting and writing this blog with a lot of new ideas, so thank you. Hopefully there will be some contact, so that I can revenge myself. 
Painting -another keyword, but maybe I have to spare this one for my next entry. There are so many ideas in my head and they all want me to write them down or paint them. Maybe this is it. Maybe some british videos, a little depression and a love helped me to find out , what I’m really made for. Hopefully.
Enough for today, but next week there will be more stuff from me. 

Good night/ good morning ladies and gentleman, 
Tidy up your room and sleep very well. 



I can’t sleep. Funny that. ”I will not rant on the internet, I will not rant on the internet!”

… *smacks forehead.*

-11:33 pm, last time I looked at my clock. BED.

-1:27 am, woken by drunks/students?/very local party goers - laughing and being aggravating! (As it’s a Sunday, the club is closed,…


Packing to go back :(.


Packing to go back :(.

Being not mainstream became so mainstream ,that being mainstream is more not mainstream than being not mainstream.
Wasting time! Again ?!?

So, whats next? 
I’m sitting here in the boring room … STOP SINGING ! I have to think about it!
Ah, maybe I should do something for school, or I stay chilling. Because THIS is one of the very rare things which I can do very very very good - nothing !
Maybe this blog is another form of wasting time or doing nothing, or maybe this is the step I need to improve. Improving from what? 
That’s a fantastic question - and one, that I’m not able answer, but how cares ? 
I think you’ll noticed, that my English is horrible or near by ;)
There’s a goof reason for it - I’m from Germany. Yes Germany, the country in the middle of Europe, that has a strange sounding language, the best beer in the world and no drivers limit on the highway ;) 
For my very first blog entire it was quite bad, I think, but the focus of this tumblr.-thing from me isn’t how I could improve in what ever, it’s ; hopefully, about literature.
So something like poems, short stories and so on will, hopefully, be uploaded.
Some in english, some in german, we’ll see. 
So fpr today, I say good night, and probably see you tomorrow ;) 
Good night Internet 
        Good night Ole 


The last 3 years have been an absolute waste of my life. :(.

I’m so angry…. all I can see is red…

Why are you angry ? You’re on an university, right ? So where was your time wasted ? Here in Germany I’m 1 year before graduation from high school and I did not exactly know yet, what I’m going to study! So, I wasted maybe also time, or maybe not. I’m going to see it in the future like you ;)